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Fire Cupping

What is Fire Cupping?

Fire cupping is an emotional and physical wellness practice thought to originate in Ancient Egypt, where the first note of its use on the human body was found on a piece of papyrus in 1550 BCE. It is now a practice that is used throughout the world on a daily basis! 


A fire cupping session consists of oil, fire, and spherical glass cups. Fire is placed in the cups in order to remove the oxygen levels within it, and then immediately placed on the back in order to create a suctioning effect on the muscles it is applied to. There is no heat sensation. 


The suctioning is known to loosen muscles and relieve the nervous system by reducing tension from stiffness and pain. People often report that they feel relaxed and well rested after a session. This is due to the ways in which bloodstream circulation and muscle relaxation promotes great nervous system regulation. This can help bring some calmness and tranquility into ones energy field and return to a healthy resting state within ones parasympathetic nervous system. Watch a video on what that is and why it is important to mental and physical health by clicking on these words. 

The most public / mainstream usage of cupping is amongst athletes, who tend to use it to keep their body balanced and in shape, reducing symptoms of rigor and roughness on the body. 


Fire cupping, however, is also a great way to remove toxins from the bloodstream, as the suctioning reduces blood stagnation and promotes blood circulation. High levels of urea, triglycerides, uric acid, and cholesterol have been found in the concentrated areas of blood found in the areas where cupping has occurred. Cupping is a great way to help yourself relax and purge toxins from the bloodstream, and reduce tension in the muscles of the body caused by any and all internal and external factors (arthritis, prolonged periods of sitting, muscle exertion, etc. 


Overall, fire cupping is a great way to relax, restore, and rejuvante yourself physically and emotionally, and can benefit anyone with no symptoms or imbalances to many symptoms or imbalances indicating a need for some self-care.


Whether it is your first time receiving cupping, you are a regular, or you have had it done before and would like to do it again, I am more than happy to offer my services at an intensity, length, and price that feels best for you! 


Please feel free to send me a message down below or send me a direct message on my instagram @cosmicccsource so we can get you evaluated and see if cupping is a good fit for you. 


With care.

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