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Eliana, a Southern California native, combines her diverse background in arts, education, nature, and holistic health to advocate for holistic and inclusive learning. She is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree at UC Santa Cruz in both Global and Community Health and Education, Democracy, and Justice.

Eliana's professional experience is extensive and varied. She has served as a tutor at a public college, offering free English and writing support to adults aged 17 to 65 from diverse linguistic, socio-economic, and educational backgrounds. Additionally, she has worked at multiple community centers, organizing a wide range of events, including health and wellness workshops, yoga classes, art shows, music events, and inclusive co-working spaces.

In her role with the California State Parks Junior Rangers Program, Eliana developed and facilitated outdoor curricula for children aged 7 to 12, fostering their connection to nature. She also worked as a forest preschool teacher, emphasizing holistic education through socio-emotional well-being and nature-based discovery, aiding in the development of children's cognitive, fine motor, and language skills.

With six years of experience shadowing various holistic health practitioners, Eliana has recently started practicing fire cupping and preparing sea moss. Her holistic approach is further enriched by her background in the arts, where she supports creative expression through music and dance.

Eliana's mission is to nurture a deep understanding of our interconnectedness with nature and each other, promoting community, compassion, and sustainable living. She emphasizes the importance of nature in fostering peace and connection, creating inclusive, nature-based curricula, and offering intentional self-care practices. Eliana also views creativity as a vital form of self-care and a means to develop learning skills. In the future, she aims to establish a center where individuals can engage in these practices, fostering a community dedicated to holistic well-being, natural living, and creative expression.


Currenty, she works at the Center for Agroecology at UC Santa Cruz where she is developing a "Plant Consciousness" lab based off student feedback on how they would like to see the department grow. This lab will include platforms for exploration of holistic and medicinal uses of plants, plant relationships to other life-forms and intelligences​, small scale / independent gardening skills , and global and community perspectives on agriculture through teach-ins.

Eliana is currently offering fire cupping and sea moss gel to the public, which can be found on her "services" page.


 Other Experience

August 2008 - August 2012

August 2012 - August 2015

August 2015 - August 2018

August 2018 - August 2022

African Drum + Dance Member

Springfield Tornado Victim Education Fundraiser (founder)

Harvard University Health Project Judge

San Diego Symphony's Your Song Your Story Project - Video Journalist

 San Diego International Film Festival Intern 

JOURNYS Magazine - Editor 

Soulscape - Holistic Reading + Metaphysical Center Employee

SD Mesa College - All Levels College English Tutor + Music Department Intern

CA State Parks - Park Aide, Jr. Ranger Program Designer + Facilitator

The Template - Barista, Event Planner / Organizer, Art Curator

Connect SD - Salesperson, Community Member

The 100 Summit - Event Planner / Art Curator 

Umbrella Friends Festival - Connect SD Art Installation Team 

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